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Read other people’s words and definitions on Instagram or Twitter, and tell us what springs to mind. We want to know what you think about these words, and to translate them into other languages. You can help! 


About the project

Research into language and sexuality

The first step in research is to name or describe what is being investigated. The way we speak about sexuality is affected by the values and morals of our society. And that discussion is generally shaped by social taboos.

In part because of these taboos, it’s safe to assume that the sexual fantasies and practices of individuals are far more varied than those that society puts into words. This means that there are aspects of sexuality that are inaccessible (or only accessible with a delay) to researchers studying linguistic usage. It also means that our sexual vocabulary is smaller than it otherwise could be.

The artistic research project Categories to Come combines artistic and academic research interests. We invite everybody to contribute their own terms and definitions, to reflect on and describe their own sexuality. Participants can help to design the sexual vocabulary of the future, and to identify new directions for the research field.

The collected terms will be organized and made available as a database to researchers and to members of the public. 




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